Harvest 2022

Chianti Classico 2022 is looking extremely promising: as far as weather trends are concerned, there was no frost in springtime, when the risk of damage to new vine shoots is very high, nor any significant hailstorms.

Seasonal trend 2022

The drought of the summer months did not affect bunch development: thanks to the spring rains the vines had good reserves of water and mineral nutrients to draw on during the drier months. In addition, the high daytime temperatures dropped at night, and this temperature range enabled regular phenolic development in the Sangiovese grapes.
In mid-August the sometimes prolonged rainfall guaranteed milder temperatures and a significant additional water supply for optimal ripening.

Lastly, the grapes were brought to the cellar in excellent condition: the prolonged heat and limited humidity from the early hours of the day kept the bunches very healthy.
So, despite global warming, the Sangiovese grapes grown on Black Rooster estates continue to show their resilience and huge capacity for adaptation to climate variations.
Moreover, Chianti Classico’s woodlands and widespread non-intensive farming, harmoniously blended into an environment rich in biodiversity, creates a solid foundation to withstand any future extreme weather conditions.


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