Harvest 2021

The weather in the vintage year 2021 was quite regular. Rains in spring enabled good foliage development, and provided abundant water supplies for the drier summer months. The only phenomenon registered in springtime was a slight alteration in bud development times, owing to lower than average temperatures for a few days after Easter, which slowed down the process of vegetation in the cooler areas of Chianti Classico.

Seasonal trend 2021

The health of the plants was not threatened by fungal diseases (powdery mildew or leaf blight). The summer was dry with only sporadic rain in August, but the reserves of water accumulated in spring prevented the vines from suffering drought. Summer temperatures were generally within the norm without excessive heatwaves.

From late August, the temperatures remained high during the day but dropped considerably during the night. This significant temperature variation resulted in full maturation of the fruit. Harvesting periods were similar to those in recent years, with the Sangiovese harvest starting around 20th September and ending after a month.


The past harvests
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