Harvest 2023

As was the case across the whole of Italy, spring 2023 in Chianti Classico was rainier than in recent years, which required more careful and accurate work in the vineyard, particularly in canopy management, to prevent any potential fungal diseases. As in other Italian wine-growing regions, our farmers had to defend their grapes against downy mildew (Peronospora) attacks, which occurred in some vineyards this year after copious amounts of rain in May and early June.

Seasonal trend 2023

However, the particular pedoclimatic characteristics of the Chianti Classico territory, with a high average altitude of the vineyards and good ventilation in all areas, meant that attacks were contained. It’s important to remember that these attacks had consequences on production only from a quantitative, and not qualitative, point of view.
The heat of July and August did not put any water-related stress on the vines, thanks to more than sufficient water reserves following the rainy spring. Moreover, the warm weather prevented any pest attacks. The good temperature ranges between day and night in late August and the first part of September allowed the grapes to reach optimal ripeness.
In terms of timing, this year’s harvest returned to more traditional start and end dates. Sangiovese harvest began around the 20th of September and ended in the first ten days of October. The grapes that arrived in the winery were healthy and of high quality.
At first tasting, Chianti Classico 2023 wines appear to be well structured, balanced, and with a good aromatic profile. In general, they’re wines with good freshness and soft, velvety tannins.


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