Harvest 2020

For Chianti Classico, 2020 is looking to be another excellent year. Another harvest has just finished in the Gallo Nero territory, and early assessments promise excellent standards of quality.

Seasonal trend 2020

A fairly cool spring was followed by a long, hot summer, with good day-night temperature variation (the minimum temperatures were quite moderate in both July and August) allowing the grapes to complete their maturation perfectly.

Also important was the absence of water shortage, thanks to rain in June and September.

All these factors are prerequisites for another excellent year for Chianti Classico wine, with great structure and balance.

As far as production quantities are concerned, a provisional estimate shows a dip of at least 10% compared to 2019: a natural reduction mainly linked to the cold nights in early April which impacted the budding stage of the vines.


The past harvests
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