Code of Etichs

Scope of Application and observance of the Code of Ethics

The “Code of Ethics” adopted by the Consorzio Vino Chianti Classico by means of Board resolution dated April 12th 2013 is essentially a “Charter of Values” that guides company policy. By adopting and enforcing appropriate observance of the principles and rules set out in the Code of Ethics, the Consorzio seeks to defend and uphold its values.

The purpose of the Code of Ethics is to create within the Consorzio a value-based environment in which employees and associates are encouraged to work and act in a lawful and transparent way. The Code of Ethics shall be binding for all internal and external stakeholders. Suppliers not bound by a Code of Ethics shall be required, prior to assignment, to expressly agree to the principles and rules of the Consorzio Code of Ethics. 

All agreements completed by the Consorzio with suppliers and associates must include an express termination clause that shall apply in the case of non-compliance with the Code of Ethics. Therefore, if a violation of the Code of Ethics committed by any supplier and/or associate should transpire at the outcome of a preliminary investigation by the Supervisory Body, said party shall be immediately charged for the violation and the Consorzio shall retain the right to take action for the early termination of the contract due to breach.

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