Olio D.O.P. Chianti Classico

The Consorzio Olio DOP Chianti Classico was founded in 1975 following the foundation of the Consortium for the protection of the wine. Since 2001 it has protected and promoted the DOP standards following the same quality criteria that for over thirty years have determined whether an extra virgin olive oil can bear the Chianti Classico DOP warranty. The Consortium assists producers in their constant effort to produce and maintain high levels of quality with components that actively contribute to safeguarding our health and giving the oil “classic” aromas and flavors.


Characterized by a distinctly fruity flavor, hints of raw artichoke and fresh, pleasantly spicy herbal notes on the palate, Chianti Classico DOP oil is the pure expression of the Chianti Classico zone where it is produced by more than 200 members of the Consortium. The purpose of the Chianti Classico DOP Olive Oil Consortium is not limited to controlling the produce of olive groves and oil mills, but extends its range of activities to other areas, promoting the extra virgin olive oil of the Black Rooster trademark through scientific meetings and popular events around the world.

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