Harvest 2013

2013, from the only meteorological point of view, registered a high level of rainfalls during the first three months of the year with temperatures often below the seasonal average. After a real winter that this year registered temperatures near zero in Chianti, spring came late and caused a late flowering.

Seasonal trend

The real heat came at middle of July and hastened the grape ripening process that continued regularly during the summer when it registered the typical seasonal temperatures and a perfect September that highlighted the temperature shifts already occurred at summer and allowed a very balanced ripening of the grapes.

Technical and winemaking efforts carried out in the months before harvest were able to reach quality standards. After the first samples of Sangiovese grapes, the real heart of Chianti Classico, that already showed a good level of sugar and acidity, now that everything is done, we can confirm that in the Gallo Nero areas the grape quality is above the average with excellent polyphenol maturity levels in perfect balance with the acidity structure of the grapes.

As it often happens in very hot and dry vintages, these parameters, along with the sugar concentration of musts that is not extremely high, allowed the winemaking process to enhance all the grape potentials.

The alcohol and then the malolactic fermentations showed unexpected starts and regular developments without any problem. This proved the grapes were healthy and the balance of their main noble components was optimal.

The wines of Chianti Classico 2013 are very balanced in aromas and mouth structure, and above all tastes are well measured: polyphenols, extract, tannins, glycerine are balanced and harmonious. No element dominates the others, also thanks to alcohol levels that are not extreme and developed according to the seasonal climatic trend.

The past harvests