From July 01, 2023

To September 30, 2023



for   A (rt) message in a (Chianti Classico) bottle

The Work:  The work is conceived as vestige of the classic Bordeaux-style Chianti Classico bottle.  A complex outline of twisting metal materials, appropriately oxidized to take on different colors, defines the structural elements of the bottle sculpture.

Title: Intrecci divini

Year: 2023

Technique: Iron reinforcing rods, metal wire, copper, iron.

Displayed at: Radda in Chianti (SI), Casa Chianti Classico

Biography: Born in 1970, he is an architect and lives in Prato. His work is essentially linked to sculpture and characterized by a recognizable style, featuring complex twisting of metal materials, mainly iron and copper. His work has been displayed in personal exhibitions in Florence, Prato, Bologna, Zurich and other Italian cities. His work has also been exhibited on the occasion of the Italian Environmental Fund days. For the past several years, he has been present at international art fairs (Parma, Genoa).

The exhibition: 7, 3-meter tall bottles placed in 7 different Chianti municipalities. A multi-location event showcasing artwork displayed in the Gallo Nero wineries and installed throughout the territory’s towns.
A playful, pop display exhibiting the inspiring, cross-sectional work of a collection of artists using innovative media and contemporary artistic expressions. The exhibition is organized by the Consortium with the fundamental contribution of the curators Francesco Bruni and Giuseppe d’Alia.


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