Panzano constitutes the fourth UGA of interest within the borders municipalities of Greve in Chianti and is mainly located in the south-western sector of the municipality.
Using the road from San Casciano in Val di as a reference point.
It weighs in Panzano, which continues westwards towards Volpaia, the Panzano territory has two opposing sides. The side eastern, associated with the toponyms of Vitigliano and Montagliari, remains within the catchment area of the Greve river.
Of the two sides, it is the least extensive but cooler, as it faces towards the Monti del Chianti mountain range, and this affects the climate of the area, making temperatures a little lower than those on the other side.
The western side, however, belongs to the river basin Pesa torrent and hosts the majority of the vineyards. Inside this portion of the territory, the most famous area is the recognizable Conca d’Oro for its distinctive landscape profile.
Exposure differences within this geographic area compared to others it ensures that the wines of the two sides can be inside different properties and characteristics.
As for the geology, apart from some areas associated with the Macigno and Alberese, with a marginal presence of vines, the rest of the territory is characterized by Pietraforte, the Sillano Formation and Argillites shale. These formations are separated by borders that are sometimes less defined and precise than what is suggested by the adjacent geoviticultural map.
Finally, it is useful to underline that Panzano stands out for being the area geographical area with the greatest viticultural density of all, while maintaining a significant presence of olive groves and woods. In this regard, please remember that Olive groves in the Panzano area occupy approximately 350 hectares, corresponding to approximately 12.3% of the entire territory. The vineyards instead occupy 20.9% of the total area.