UGA – San Donato in Poggio

San Donato in Poggio is one of the eleven Additional Geographical Units (UGA) of Chianti Classico and stands out for being the only one derived from it from the union of two municipalities, specifically Barberino Tavarnelle and a small fraction of Poggibonsi.
Geographically, the territory can be divided into two main parts, divided by the course of the Pesa torrent.
To the north of the stream, there is the area of Badia a Passignano, which serves as connection between the UGA of San Casciano and Panzano, playing a role intermediary between the two regions. To the south of the Pesa, we find a larger area extensive, with San Donato in Poggio in the centre, surrounded by numerous olive groves that characterize the landscape. The geological formation predominant in this area is the Alberese, also known as Monte Morello Formation, and the Ottone- Monteverdi Flysch.
Proceeding south, we enter the area of Olena and Monsanto, which is extends up to Montignano, which still has a significant presence of Alberese. The rest of the territory is instead characterized by Pietraforte and from the Sillano Formation, with some shale veins and a large one area of marine sands around the village of Monsanto.
To the west, we find Poggio di Macericca, mainly located in the territory of Poggibonsi. This area is characterized by a remarkable presence of olive trees on the southern side.
The total number of hectares of vineyards in this UGA is 800, which is also notable presence of olive groves, which, with 530 hectares, cover almost 9% of the total territory.