Past December, to recover from the revelry of the holidays and counteract the cold of the winter months, there is nothing better than a nice steaming dish of farmer’s vegetable broth.

In the past, kitchens had a fireplace that served both as a source of heat and for preparing food. In the cauldron, suspended enough close to the crackling wood fire but not too close so that it doesn’t felt the direct heat of the flame, they were placed, cut into pieces, seasonal vegetables harvested from the garden which were cooked together in a cauldron. The slow cooking browned the vegetables by mixing them flavours.

This dish takes its name from the confusion, also called “buglione”, vegetables placed all in a haphazard manner, like a jumble. The term, as well as retaining the original meaning of “confusion” or “crowd tumultuous”, has thus taken on that of “broth”.

The timeless recipe that we propose takes advantage of the culinary ideas of Silvio Cortigiani using an exceptional oil, Chianti PDO Oil Classic.
Take courgettes, potatoes, artichokes, fennel, cabbage, carrots, onions, tomatoes and garlic. Cut the vegetables into large pieces and cook everything together in a pan. If you prefer, keep the garlic whole and remove it at the end cooking.

Once cooked, plate and pour the soup with PDO Chianti oil Classic that enhances the simple but refined flavors offered by this combination of vegetables from the home garden.
Your dish is thus ready to be enjoyed, arriving on your table all the goodness of the Gallo Nero tradition and products.