Once upon a time, when resources were fewer and people led a longer life simple and poor, one of the most faithfully followed maxims was that of a slaughtered animal “nothing is thrown away”.

The recipe we propose is part of this tradition how much uses a cut of meat that is less common today in everyone’s cuisine days, the language. Although it may arouse some mistrust in younger generations, older people know that in the parts considered poorer of the animal such as the entrails, the brains and the tongue, were always obtained the tastiest dishes.

In the days that followed the slaughter of the best calves or steers of the stable, it was customary to take the tongue and boil it in a pot with all the odors. You can prepare it following Silvio’s culinary suggestions
Cortigiani using an exceptional oil, the PDO Chianti Classico oil.

Boil the tongue for about 4 hours in a saucepan with the aromas you prefer. Once cooked, drain and cut into thin slices.
Then dedicate yourself to preparing the green sauce, remove the bread crust and cut the breadcrumbs into pieces. Place it in a bowl with the wine vinegar and leave it to soak for about ten minutes.

Squeeze it with your hands and then place it in a container with the finely chopped marjoram, parsley and rocket. Drown the beat in the Chianti Classico PDO Oil, dense and tasty from the last pressing, and then leave the sauce to rest at room temperature for a couple of hours before using it.

To serve, arrange the tongue slices on a plate and garnish with the green sauce, accompanied by mashed potatoes made with PDO Chianti oil Classic which is the most suitable side dish for this type of dish.
Your dish is thus ready to be enjoyed, arriving on your table all the goodness of the Gallo Nero tradition and products.