Chianti Classico Gran Selezione


For the first time in Italian winemaking legislation, a new type of wine has been introduced at the top of the quality pyramid in a designation. It is also the first time that such a far-reaching legislative revolution has taken place thanks to a decision made by the producers themselves, in this case the 600 or so members of the Consortium. Chianti Classico is the first Italian designation to aim higher, and decide to promote everything, starting with its excellent quality products. This decision bucks the current global trend, with the goal of offering a higher standard of quality in the local winemaking sector.


Gran Selezione is produced from exclusively estate-grown grapes in the best-suited vineyards, applying strict regulations, which make it a highly prestigious wine and a new benchmark for the international winemaking scene.


As well as possessing the necessary chemical and sensory features for a high quality wine, before release Gran Selezione must be aged for at least 30 months in including three months of bottle ageing, with a subsequent required period of bottle maturation.


Gran Selezione is also credited with enhancing the various characteristic aspects of a vast and varied territory divided into nine municipalities, which differ greatly in climatic and pedological features, but are united by the unmistakeable “signature” of Sangiovese grapes. In sensory terms, Gran Selezione is a well-structured wine showing excellent balance and harmony thanks to grape selection and lengthy ageing, as well as deep, complex flavours and aromas. The palate displays approachable fruity sensations alongside the captivating hints typical of ageworthy wines.